Who we are

Who we are

Bio Piscinas – Piscinas biológicas e sistemas ecológicas de tratamento de água, Lda., based in Aljezur, is designing swimming ponds (Piscinas biológicas) and  has been operating in the national market since 2001.

The company is managed by Claudia Schwarzer, Landscape Architect and Udo Schwarzer, Biologist.

Working with a product as natural as biological swimming pools, Piscinas Biológicas®, the whole effort of business is based on creating the conditions for nature to settle and thus take advantage of biodiversity as a stabilizing factor capable of ensuring the sustainability of the product.

A pool with biologically treated water is a product based on biological principles. Therefore, we look today at the biological swimming pool industry as part of the so-called Bioeconomics.

In 1995, the partners of the company Bio Piscinas, Lda. introduced a new product in Portugal, the biological swimming pools (called Piscinas Biológicas® in Portugal). Two years earlier, they also built the first Wastewater Treatment Plant through Plants (ETAP, a kind of reed bed system) in Portugal.

For these reasons, they can be regarded as pioneers in environmentally friendly construction, in terms of an important resource, water.

Bio Piscinas, Lda. designs and promotes biological and ecological solutions for water treatment, applying scientific know-how and sustainable and non-polluting bio-technologies.

As a result of the work of this company, there are currently around 200 projects carried out in the country, 50 of them for tourist use.