August 2021

Freshwater fish


The few freshwater species that exist in Portugal live in streams or flowing rivers, in other words, in conditions that are very different from those of a biological pool. Almost all of them are registered in the Red List, because they are rare and the destruction of their habitat and/or the pollution of streams [...]

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July 2021

Harvest of water lilies


One kilogram of fresh aquatic plant biomass contains 1 gram of phosphorus. As phosphorus is the limiting element for algae growth in an aquatic ecosystem, we can say that collecting and composting 1 kg of withered water lily leaves and flowers exports 1 g of phosphorus out of the biological pool ecosystem. In theory, [...]

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Enchanted frogs


The mere fact that amphibians sing, especially frogs, is widely known. Frogs in biological pools are no exception. But why do they sing? The season of most concert activity is obviously spring. For many of the species there is a direct link between water temperature and song intensity. Singing takes a lot of energy [...]

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Admiring the underwater world is something that many people would love to do, but not all of them want to place their heads underwater. It would be necessary to wear a mask, to see everything. But to stay underwater for more than a minute you already need scuba diving equipment that weighs in kilograms [...]


June 2021

History of taking bath


Over the millennia, humanity bathed in natural waters, simply because there was no other. The lower population density living in the landscapes of yore and the absence of contamination allowed this, in some parts of the world until today. Thus, one took a bath without concern. The first “pools” were invented 3,000 years before [...]

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Quench thirst


A biological pool is a major attraction for people. But not only that, it is also extremely attractive to wildlife. In Mediterranean landscapes water is scarce. Especially in summer. The biological pool serves as a drinking place for birds and small mammals. It becomes essential for those living beings that live in the neighborhood [...]

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International study


The Iberian Group of Natural Bathing Waters (GIABN), a bi-national association of professionals for design and construction of biological pools on the Iberian Peninsula, started a collaboration with other sister organizations in Austria and Italy. Together they launched a research project that aims to try to vanish how and why guests spend their holidays [...]

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May 2021

Monte São Luis


Another new vacation spot with a biological pool. Monte São Luís is located near Vila Boim in the municipality of Elvas. And as it is in the heart of the Alentejo, it was decided to open the panoramic view to the Alentejo landscape with an infinity edge of almost 120 degrees. It is an [...]

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With spring a new inhabitant arrived at our biological pool. For some time now we have been wondering about cut leaves of aquatic plants floating in the pool, a phenomenon that usually does not happen. And, approaching the pool, someone was making sudden jumps, fleeing from the bank into the depths of the water. [...]


Forget me not


From the genus Mysotis,  common name Forget-me-not,  plants are known that live in very dry places like meadows and natural lawns. But the best known of the species grow in humid places. Also on the banks of biological pools they develop well and show their typical blue flowers in spring time. These, of a [...]

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