We can already speak of a small tradition: the Resort Club Med of Balaia in Albufeira is every year the first tourist unit to open its biological pool for its guests. From the 18th of February the biological pool invites to a bath. Even being in the Algarve, the water temperature was not more than 15 °C in the first days. But spring is fast moving, and by experience we can say that by the end of the month the temperature will rise to around 20 °C. What warms the water is the solar radiation, thanks to each day’s higher position of the sun. It is less the weather or the air temperatures that influence it.

Last year thousands of tourists have had a swim in this biological pool and also in the year 2018 will be an impressive number. Everything under continuous control of water quality, whether bacteriological or mineralogical. An example to follow in other hotels of the country.