From the genus Mysotis,  common name Forget-me-not,  plants are known that live in very dry places like meadows and natural lawns. But the best known of the species grow in humid places. Also on the banks of biological pools they develop well and show their typical blue flowers in spring time. These, of a celestial blue, in fact are not easily forgotten.

In Portugal there are more than 10 different species of the genus Myostis. The wetland species are quite difficult to distinguish and even today the botanists have not found a common sense if there is a species from here, Mysotis lusitanica, in other words, a Portuguese Forget-me-not. The photo shows Mysotis welwitschii, a robust species, with abundant flowering, with larger and more narrow basal leaves that is spread all over the country.

There are those who say that Forget-me-nots are known as flowers of desperate love or of eternal lovers. You have a choice, what do you prefer?