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April 2022

Dust from desert


On these days the sky turned yellow and the landscapes of Portugal looked like paintings in sepia. What happened? A large cloud of dust moved from Sahara Desert in North Africa to Europe, driven by strong winds from the South quadrant. A known meteorological phenomenon, which happens with some regularity, but this time it [...]

Dust from desert2022-03-28T11:59:31+01:00

In contact


Biological pools allow direct contact with nature. Once bathers share the same water with other living beings that inhabit it. There are many possibilities to get in closer contact with animal life, for those who want to. From the microscopic beings important for water biofiltration, to the aquatic snails that clean biofilm surfaces, to [...]

In contact2022-03-28T12:33:23+01:00

March 2022

Nature observation


Biological swimming pools are poles of biodiversity, this is already known and proven. The presence of water is the most important factor that attracts diverse living beings of the fauna. Its attraction to amphibians begins on its first day of existence. Even knowing that frogs will live in the biological pool in the future, the [...]

Nature observation2022-02-28T14:55:27+00:00

Limited space framing


Does it fit? Can a biological pool be inserted in a small plot of an urbanization, in a backyard with limited space or in an urban garden? Sometimes there is this concern that the water mirror could occupy the entire garden and there would be little space for other purposes. In fact, a small [...]

Limited space framing2022-02-28T11:48:37+00:00

February 2022



We are already in February and at least in the south of the country it is not long before the start of the bathing season. Thus, it is high time to prepare the biological pool for bathing and schedule a cleaning with the team of divers. Thorough post-winter cleaning is a highly effective method [...]


November 2021

International Conference in Portugal


The 11th edition of the International Conference for Biological Pools took place at the Hotel-Resort Club Med da Balaia in Albufeira, Portugal, and received 130 visitors from 17 nations. For the first time, IOB and GIABN, organizers of the congress, chose a Congress Hotel that is equipped with a biological pool, in this case [...]

International Conference in Portugal2021-10-31T11:46:50+00:00

August 2021

Holiday with bio pool


Holiday. Finally! It seems to be the most estimated station ever. We dream of refreshing dives to recharge our batteries, whether in the sea or in the water of a river or stream, to relax body and mind. Those who prefer the last have one more alternative. A dive in a biological pool! The [...]

Holiday with bio pool2021-08-01T16:15:11+01:00

June 2021

History of taking bath


Over the millennia, humanity bathed in natural waters, simply because there was no other. The lower population density living in the landscapes of yore and the absence of contamination allowed this, in some parts of the world until today. Thus, one took a bath without concern. The first “pools” were invented 3,000 years before [...]

History of taking bath2021-05-29T11:28:23+01:00

May 2021



With spring a new inhabitant arrived at our biological pool. For some time now we have been wondering about cut leaves of aquatic plants floating in the pool, a phenomenon that usually does not happen. And, approaching the pool, someone was making sudden jumps, fleeing from the bank into the depths of the water. [...]


April 2021

Spring time!


The cold days are gone. Happily! With some afternoons with milder temperatures, nature really accelerates. We can almost see how the plants grow and each day again we can count more leaves of water lilies. The vegetation reacts directly to the presence of light and rising temperatures and dresses in more vivid colors. Suddenly, [...]

Spring time!2021-03-30T16:55:42+01:00
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