Herdade dos Adães has a motorhome park in a very different style, not to say eccentric, but composed and configured with lots of imagination accompanied with style. We also discovered a catamaran, a trawler and even a short track of real railways with some train carriages, converted into rooms. And even more wooden bungalows and several suites inserted in the main building.

The biological pool of the Estate provides a beautiful natural setting for the center of this tourist enterprise and aims to offer a space for contemplation and observation of nature, an increasingly important fact nowadays. A perfect hideaway to enjoy quietly the nature of Alentejo on vacation. It is important to point out that the offer is exclusively for the guests of the Adaens Estate.

In the context described above, it is not surprising that this biological pool is home to another novelty, a submerged observatory of water life, equipment never seen before in Portugal! Underneath the small deck on the southeast side of the biological pool was installed the observatory. It is a kind of basement with a space of about 12 m2. Access to the observatory is by a stairway that connects to a tunnel and then to the observatory, all painted in black to highlight and effect the window. Through a submerged window facing north, that is, the zone of plants of the biological pool, one is able to look at the plants as if in an aquarium. It is important to note that the biological pool also serves environmental education purposes because, the Herdade has a Center for Interpretation of Nature and Biodiversity since some years, visited by various groups and especially by the classes of schools in the region.

The Adaens Estate website is here.

The map of “Holidays with swimming pond” can be consulted here.