Autumn is the season of flies and mosquitoes. Many people suspect that building a swimming pond could attract mosquitoes. But the opposite is the case!

Biological pools are very attractive habitats for various insects like different species of aquatic beetles and larvae of dragonflies. Also for some species of mosquitoes, but not for those that sting people. This is due to the preference of mosquito species, harmful to humans, to choose places of breeding where no other insect larvae live.

Species of mosquitoes of the Culicidae family lay their eggs in places free of predators. A forgotten bucket in the garden, a tire with water in the bin or even a glass with water, these are the favorite places where the mosquito larvae develop without problems and where they grow enough algae for their food.

A biological pool is quite different than a bucket, because of the size and ecosystem installed in it. A swimming pond is a complete habitat, with all its diversity: dragonfly larvae, frogs, flies flying over the water, and swallows come to drink and catch insects.

There are examples of our customers where the mere existence of the piscina biológica completely changed the mosquito plague because the biological pool brought so much biodiversity to the place that the mosquitoes left.