Plant growth is essential for the ecosystem in a biological pool. Well growing plants incorporate nutrients diluted in water and are thus the natural competitors of algae. Well-developed aquatic vegetation is the basis for bathing  water quality.

Like terrestrial plants, aquatic plants also release a lot of oxygen during the day. In well-oxygenated water, the so-called zooplankton, the part of the faunistic plankton, lives well, forming large populations. These microscopic-sized animals feed on microalgae, called phytoplankton. The process can be called biofiltration.

The driving force behind this is light in the form of solar energy and heat.

Good plant growth can sometimes waste a lot of the diluted nitrogen in the water, especially in smaller biological pools and in places where the filling water is naturally low in nitrates, an oxidized form of nitrogen. In these cases, it could become necessary to apply a special fertilizer for plants in biological pools whose application is very simple as shown in the photo.

It is important to note, if fertilization is carried out only under the supervision of the specialists of Bio Piscinas, Lda.