Biological pools allow direct contact with nature. Once bathers share the same water with other living beings that inhabit it. There are many possibilities to get in closer contact with animal life, for those who want to.

From the microscopic beings important for water biofiltration, to the aquatic snails that clean biofilm surfaces, to the dragonfly larvae that hunt mosquitoes, there is room for everyone who contributes to keeping the ecosystem functioning. And whoever is interested, can go looking to find them. Others attract more attention, because they croak, like frogs. Newts, very tame beings, live more clandestinely. So, just by luck, you can see them during the day. And those who are not afraid can even touch them. Carefully, of course! Such intimate contact must not be possible with the tortoises, they are so shy that they run away as soon as we approach the biological pool.

Since biological pools are poles of biodiversity, they offer habitat for a range of species. Maybe it’s high time to close an infinite friendship with a toad?