There are frogs everywhere! Little frogs, even very small frogs still with a little tail, remnant of the time of her previous aquatic life as a tadpole.

Late summer is the time for the next generation of frogs and there are people who think that the population of frogs in a biological pool will grow infinitely. But this is not the case. On average, only one young frog of 1000 reaches reproductive age, ie it can be older than 3 years. And the new generation likes to migrate and leave “their parents’ house”. They will go looking for another wetland that they choose to live there. This migration begins with the first rainy days of autumn.

Until then there is still time to admire the baby frogs! They are enchanting the users of the biological pool because, as the photo shows, they sit quietly above the leaves of waterlilies without fear of the huge face of the person looking at the kid.