Biological swimming pools are poles of biodiversity, this is already known and proven. The presence of water is the most important factor that attracts diverse living beings of the fauna. Its attraction to amphibians begins on its first day of existence.
Even knowing that frogs will live in the biological pool in the future, the sight of the first causes every time euphoria. What makes the difference is our own experience. Where does it come from? How did you know there’s water here? Now each day that is born offers new observations.
And every year, in spring, the phenomenon of growing biodiversity occurs, caused by the increase in light and temperature. Suddenly you hear the frogs singing. When we pass the edge of the biological pool, they still jump in the water until they become familiar with our presence again. We see birds taking a bath, the first flowers open, the first dragonflies in flight. There is so much to observe in the biological pool that the enchantment and gratitude for the possibility of observing nature never stop.