The Pygmy Triton is a species of Triton exclusive of Southern Portugal and Southern Spain.

Triturus pygmeus was considered as subspecies of  the Marbeled Newt (Triturus marmoratus) that has a distribution in the remaining areas of Portugal and Spain to France.

In the ponds and as well in biological pools of the Algarve and Alentejo this amphibium appears during the months of January and February. Males and females meet in the water for mating. The eggs are glued to leaves of aquatic plants. During the spring one sees the larvae that have the forelegs first and then the back ones, unlike the larvae of frogs and toads. And, like all larvae of newts, they have external gills. These disappear with the larva to grow and when it becomes a juvenile to leave the water, where it was born, already has the lungs developed.

Therefore, never put a very small newt, found on land, in the water. He runs the risk of drowning.