Surrounded by large trees, occupying almost all the available space in the clearing, there is placed the biological swimming pool for tourist use of casas rurales Valle del Arroyo. Here, nature is not just the background, it is present at all times. We stay close to the water and wonderfully we are able to observe so many birds that live in the forest of this property and beyond. Some visit the water mirror regularly for drinking. We swim in the pool with naturalized water, soft and free from chemical additives. And at the same moment we dive into this fantastic nature that surrounds us, which offers a lot of shade and thus cool places on the hottest days of summer. It is truly a place where we can hear the sound of silence! And the soothing sounds of nature. Not surprisingly, after a few days, we left the place very relaxed.

This is the only biological pool project of our own in Spain and is located relatively close to the border with Portugal, in the Picos de Aroche and Sierra de Aracena Natural Park. The tourism of casas rurales of Valle del Arroyo is intended for those looking for a very peaceful vacation for two, in the middle of nature.