We celebrate 25 years of biological swimming pools. In the last few years we have acted with more creativity than ever. We invented new concepts and designed really extraordinary projects across the country and some beyond.

Above all, the tourism sector allows to dream big. We designed a biological swimming pool for tourist use at Club Med Cefalù Resort Hotel, Sicily, which serves a capacity of 400 users per day. The location is more than spectacular. It has fabulous sea views, which inspired us to carry out an infinity edge of 180º, with of 50 meters of extension, accompanied by comfortable underwater loungers.

Another biological swimming pool for tourist use offers a scenery of 1,800 square meters of water, but the use of this pool in Sublime Comporta is quite exclusive. Only guests of the 9 biopool suites, located directly on the bank, have direct access through a jetty to one of the 9 private biological pools of 50 m2 size each, inserted in this large water table.

We have transformed a reinforced concrete basement into a private biological pool and gave new life to the outer space of an existing house. This swimming pond of the biopool type has architectural traces as last remains of the old construction. It is equipped with infinity edge and underwater banks to enjoy the view over the Algarve landscape.

We invented a “submerged window” in a biological swimming pool, located in a tourism area that also works as an interpretation center for nature. It serves for purposes of environmental education, allowing the observation of aquatic life in the pool by the lateral window. This biological swimming pool for tourist use at Herdade dos Adaens is located in the center of a range of unusual accommodation, whether you sleep in railroad car, catamaran or even a trawler.

In one of our most recent projects, we set up the biological pool around an existing boulder on the deployment site. The pond surrounds a natural rock in its middle like an exposed sculpture of nature. The infinity edge in continuation of a rocky outcrop allows a view to the water plane of a dam at the bottom of the valley.

All those projects show, biological pools are much more than only water and plants.