Many different species of aquatic plants planted in biological pools have one common name which is pondweed. They may be broadleaved, fully underwater, or only with floating leaves, thin-leaved and even combinations of thin-leaved and broad-leaved. A huge diversity!

Pondweed, Potamogeton in scientific, is a genus of worldwide distribution, has representatives on all continents except Antarctica, live in cold waters of Scandinavia and Northern Canada, and as well in tropical waters, for example in Asia.

As well in Europe and so in Portugal we have several species. In biological pools they form the main group of aquatic plants. They are incorporating many nutrients and oxygenate the water. The nursery that supplies exclusevely our biological pools has many indigenous species of pondweeds and the natural pool designers choose the right species for each water.

Because they need clean water, many species are rare in nature and Portugal’s Red List of Flora already has 5 species out of an existing total of 11 species with a threatening status.