Most biological pools are configured as small lakes for bathing. They have a division into two zones, one for bathing and another, which surrounds the first, where the plants that are purifying the water grow.
But there are also biological pools of architectural forms (biopool), with basins confusing similar with conventional pools. In these too, the treatment is 100% biological, for example, through biological filters and/or separate plant areas.
Which type of biological pool is chosen to set up a new project, or which intermediate form between the two types, depends on several factors, among others, customer preferences, available budget, quality of filling water, topography of the terrain, the garden style and the available space where to put the biological pool.

The photo shows a very special configuration that combines the two types of biological pools in one. The biopool is on the upper level next to the house terrace, the bathing lake is on the lower level, associated with the garden. Waterfalls, an area with aquatic plants and biological filters make up the biological treatment system and interconnect between these two natural pools.