Taking showers before taking a bath in the pool is absolutely necessary.

Whoever refuses to use the shower before entering the pool contributes significantly to the contamination of the water and the consequences of hygiene problems. Based on information from an article in the Science section of the German magazine DER SPIEGEL, a non-negligible amount of urea in the human body does not come from the bladder of the bather, but from the surface of the body. It is a natural component of healthy skin. Given this fact, it becomes necessary to take shower before diving. If swimmers do not bathe before entering the biological pool, skin urea enters the pool. And nutrients entering this form in the pool can cause algae growth and eutrophication (nutrient enrichment) effects.

The magazine quotes Alexander Kämpfe of the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany, who calculates the amount of contamination: “If about 40 people do not bathe, it’s how a person pees in the pool.”

It is clear that owners of biological pools have an interest in maintaining good water quality and respecting hygiene rules, and also in the health interests of users and their guests. Consequently they have to inform all users about the need to take a shower before showering. In this way they can remove, in addition to urea, also sun creams and skin bacteria and thus all users contribute in an active way to maintain the good quality of bathing water of the biological pool.