Since there is a place that allows you to cool off, holiday at home don’t seem like such a bad option. You avoid hours in the car, slow traffic, crowded beaches, long lines and, finally, the crowd of others. Without a doubt, it is a more ecological and sustainable variant to spend your vacation days well.

Of course, you need to have the space available and the necessary budget to build your own biological pool at your place. But investing in privacy is not a bad idea these days. After all, it is the safest place for socializing and spending time for open air recreation and leisure. Bathing is refreshing and relaxing, a holistic experience for body and soul. Floating in the water without the burden of everyday’s life is a kind of “curative treatment” in our private spa and we come out of the water blessed, grateful for the extraordinary experience. At the end of the day we still enjoy the sunset and have a glass of wine by the water. So, a biological pool in the garden? Exactly our cup of tea!

Not to forget, those who do not yet have a garden or land to create their own biological swimming pool, also have the option of taking holidays with a biological swimming pool in one of the tourist sites in Portugal that already have one to enjoy. Let yourself be inspired by the map of accommodations with biological pool.