It’s time to schedule summer holidays. Holidays with swimming pond, of course! Get inspired here on our map of accommodations with biological pool.

The new COVID-19 virus does not like being outside the human body, nor does it like the aquatic environment very much. There are still few studies with viruses in biological pools, but everything indicates that they are facing the same problems as pathogenic bacteria in biological pools. They do not survive in an environment that is not theirs and where zooplankton feed on microbes of all types. This time also, zooplankton is a proven agent in the cleaning of water in biological pools.

Generally speaking, as long as it is respected that no sick person enters the biological pool, there is no known high risk of bathing in a biological pool. In Corona times, this assessment is also supported by the Federal Environment Agency of Germany, which recently published a recommendation on swimming pools and biological pools in times of the pandemic.

As measures to maintain social distance, some tourist resorts with biological pools recommend having a swim after each other, that is, not all guests can swim at the same time, thus ensuring the desired distance and safety. For biological pools of larger size and capacity, it is recommended to provide for the use of 1 bather for an area of ​​5 m2 of the swimming area. This value corresponds to the recommended value for biological swimming pools of public use in Germany, however already open to the public.