Holiday. Finally! It seems to be the most estimated station ever. We dream of refreshing dives to recharge our batteries, whether in the sea or in the water of a river or stream, to relax body and mind. Those who prefer the last have one more alternative. A dive in a biological pool! The naturalized water is as smooth and soft as that of a river, transparent and clean, it is accompanied by aquatic plants, but with warmer temperature.

And where? There are already more than 60 tourist facilities in Portugal that have this type of equipment available for their guests, a biological swimming pool for tourist use. They can be found all over the country, from Trás-os-Montes to the Algarve, in hotels, holiday homes, local accommodation, village tourism, glamping or other tourist enterprises. There are biological pools for all tastes. Try it out! Please consult the map here.

And those who want to travel across borders can also spend their holidays with a biological pool. The website of the International Organization of Biological Swimming Pools IOB shows tourist sites all over Europe and beyond that have biological swimming pools for tourist use. Most are in Central Europe, but not only. And there are even public biological swimming pools in Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. To see more, click here.