Already know the map of Portugal with Piscinas Biológicas® in tourist sites? Go on a bathing holiday in a Piscinas Biológicas®!

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Retrofit a conventional pool to a Piscinas Biológicas®

Bio Piscinas, Lda. launches a new concept to offer an economically very interesting solution for all who have a traditional tank or pool and would like to retrofit them to a 100% biological solution.

This new option is also for all those who, until now, did not have enough room for a classic “lake-type” Piscinas Biológicas®. There is no need in this case for more space than is required for a conventional swimming pool or a watering tank.

The configuration can even be confused with that of a watering tank, but it offers everything that is part of a Piscinas Biológicas®: the plants, the biological filter and the bathing area.