A new law on swimming pools and life guards has recently been published (Law nº 61/2017 of 1 August). The important points are:

It is only mandatory and in certain circumstances the life guards in public swimming pools.

In the swimming pools of touristic ventures with conditioned access, when used exclusively by their guests provided that it is ensured permanent surveillance by a technician, duly identified, qualified with basic life support training, and kept available materials and equipment for information and rescue, According to ISN (portuguese life guard institute), the presence of swimmers in accordance with the previous number is optional in swimming pools of touristic enterprises with conditioned access, when used exclusively by their guests.

It is not restricted the concept of tourist development to hoteliers or accommodation. It could be a restaurant with swimming pool etc.

Law no. 61/2017 of 1 August makes the first amendment to the Regulation of the Swimmer-Savior Activity, approved in annex to Law no. 68/2014, of August 29, which approves the legal regime applicable to the life guard presence throughout the national territory, with regard to supervision in swimming pools for public use.