We are already in February and at least in the south of the country it is not long before the start of the bathing season. Thus, it is high time to prepare the biological pool for bathing and schedule a cleaning with the team of divers.

Thorough post-winter cleaning is a highly effective method of removing sediment, fallen leaves and nutrients from the biological pool that have built up over months while the biological pool was not in use. This cleaning helps to lower the trophic level of the water (nutrition status) and constitutes a kind of rejuvenation of the biological pool.

Rigorous cleaning helps to keep your biological pool beautiful throughout the year and the quality of bathing water in good condition.

The company SHB, which builds all the biological pools in the country, has a maintenance team, which includes professional divers specialized in cleaning biological pools.

To request a quote or schedule the cleaning of your biological pool, please contact Carla Couto from SHB.