In autumn some of our customers are concerned with the water lilies. The same plants that enchant us with their splendid beauty during the summer no longer show many leaves, no flowers but many yellow leaves.

At this time of year the plants are preparing to hibernate, huddling at the bottom of the lake waiting for spring with milder water temperatures. Now, in autumn, the plant releases its last old leaves.

In biological pools we can take advantage of this natural phenomenon to export biomass from the pond ecosystem. Who prunes all the leaves of water lilies, still in green state, takes all this biomass out of the water and puts it in the compost pile. The benefit to the biological pool is to lower the trophic level of water (nutrition) drastically and encourage self-renewal of plants.

There are different techniques of pruning water lilies. Still, in the last days of pleasant water temperatures, it is possible to act from the water, swimming, where you can easily reach the plants from the separation wall. It is the easiest way. Alternatively, a small semi-rigid can also serve to reach water lilies. Some work may be possible from the bank or a jetty. Often also the team of divers is dedicated to this subject.