Admiring the underwater world is something that many people would love to do, but not all of them want to place their heads underwater. It would be necessary to wear a mask, to see everything. But to stay underwater for more than a minute you already need scuba diving equipment that weighs in kilograms and money.
In Portugal, we have already designed a project with an observation window next to the biological pool at Herdade dos Adães, which allows to explore the underwater world without getting your feet wet. In this tourism and campsite for motorhomes, you can go down the stairs that connect with a dark room to start a “virtual dive” in the plant area of ​​the biological pool. A large window allows observation of the underwater world without apnea and any other equipment. What is really breath-taking is the spectacular view, with a true “Poolarium”, as a friend of ours, a trained biologist and adept of aquatic plants, called it. We can see a wide variety of beautiful underwater plants tirelessly producing oxygen. Aquatic snails, tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, a tortoise and even the the largest newt in Europe passes by to see who is there peeking into its water world. The information board helps to identify the species and reveals more about their clandestine life.
For those who want to enjoy this admirable underwater world, it is worth booking a stay of a few days in this tourism near Campo Maior.