Those who do not prefer to stay in the shade, will need sunscreens during summer sunbathing. Unfortunately, some of these non-mineral sunscreen products are not healthy for human health or the environment. Among the ingredients of these chemicals are so-called oxybenzones, one of the most commonly used chemicals in sunscreens. About 60% of non-mineral sunscreens have oxybenzones.

Scientific studies (see link below) show that oxybenzones in water are dangerous to zooplancton. Zooplancton is important in natural waters of sea and freshwater and also in biological pools. Oxybenzones damage the DNA of living aquatic organisms in charge of purifying water.

Consequently, it is recommended to use only mineral based sunscreens, which basically use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for this purpose. The good news is that there are already many more oxybenzones-free products available on the market than 10 years before, for example from the well known brands of organic cosmetics like Lavera, Weleda, Dr. Bronner, Ringana and others. Where to buy? In organic shops or simply via internet.

In any case it’s mandatory taking a shower before having a swim in the biological pool.

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