When a biological pool already has a few years of existence, it eventually needs a pruning of a part of the underwater plants.

When this was even necessary, in the third or fifth year of the existence or even later, it depends greatly on the state of development of some distinct species. Thus, the decision on a cutting and / or pruning action always depends on the appreciation of the specialists of Bio Piscinas, Lda.

Cutting and removal must always be done together and always at a time of year while the water in the biological pool gets quite cold, ie in the winter. This prevents that any nutrients activated by the pruning action favor the growth of unwanted algae.

It helps a lot, of course, if a trained diver supports the action by cutting the plants indicated above and then removed by suitable means as shrimp. The exported vegetable mass goes to the compost pile where it will turn into nutrients and good soil for the vegetable garden.