The feasibility of a biological pool for public use in the area of ​​the Várzea Park, is a subject of study and attention of the heads of the parish of Quinta do Conde.

A biological pool can be an anchor project not only for Quinta da Conde but also for the whole region. It is a 100% ecological and sustainable structure with natural water of bathing quality and in perfect integration in the landscape. In addition to many people it attracts biodiversity and allows the observation of nature.

The biological pool allows you to take a bath in naturalized water, with bathing quality, clear and transparent. A water that is not harmful to human health or the environment, since these pools produce bathing water, through natural and mechanical processes. It is not necessary to use any chemical additives, salt, chlorine or other.

In this sense the Quinta do Conde required a feasibility study, by the landscape architect Claudia Schwarzer and the biologist Udo Schwarzer. It is a project aimed at increasing the tourist offer, enriched by the appearance of a place to take a bath, but also by the possibility of observing nature, valuing the environmental education projects already existing in that area of ​​the parish.

This study aims to create a space for the biological swimming pool for public use with a style that harmoniously inserts it into the landscape of this Urban Park, “equipped with capacity for a capacity of about 430 daily users, will have a total surface of one water plan of about 1,500 m2, and the bath area occupies about 1,000 m2 and the treatment zone with plants about 500 m2. The latter divided into areas of submerged plants, margins with emerged plants and external biological filter”.

The possibility of building such equipment will thus seek to qualify and adapt existing social facilities and to conclude from a rational viewpoint the infrastructure and equipment networks in the parish and ecological corridor of Quinta do Conde.

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