For more than two decades there have been biological pools in Portugal. Not surprisingly, some of the older ones deserve a new face or any kind of rejuvenation. Even if the biological treatment system works well, there may be reasons for rigorous pruning of plants, creating a new entrance or different access, a waterfront or an observation path. Selling or buying a land, turning a private home into a tourist land can be other reasons to adapt the biological pool to new requirements, desires or new uses.

And of course, nowadays we work with more modern materials that allow to equip the biological swimming pools better than 20 years ago. There are already biological pools with infinity edge, plank stones, submerged lighting, observation windows and more. Also the shape of biological swimming pools nowadays covers the whole range of possibilities, from very naturalized to architectural, almost confusing with a conventional one. What has not and will not change is the biological treatment systems of plants and other living things, the natural beauty and environmental benefits that these artificial ecosystems called the biological swimming pool emit throughout their lives.