I no longer remember why, but in our place all toads are called Olga. And toads are always around in the garden, on the garden paths, in the borders near the house and also in the biological pool.

You don’t see them always. The  encounters are more surprising like finding a friend that you haven’t seen for weeks (or months already?). Olga, suddenly it’s there!

I will never understand how there can be people who do not like Olgas (to name the toad is already more friendly, isn’t it?). You have to appreciate the whole toad and not just the less good parte of the fame. From a human point of view, toads are very useful because during the night they work tirelessly for us, in the rows of the garden beds, eating slugs, snails and other insects, which in turn are great connoisseurs of the vegetable we are growing in our organic garden. In this sense, Olgas are excellent gardeners.

In fact, they have no supermodel body. They are big and not very elegant, fat, to tell the truth. Fat to very fat! And the skin is full of warts, because in the end, Olgas are toads of the species Bufo spinosus. But the eyes! It is worth risking a deep look in the eyes of a toad. They have golden eyes!

Olga comes to the biological pool to bathe. Our Olga prefers mornings on very hot days to head to the biological pool with a big splash! jumps into the water. Then she hides under the wooden jetty, perched on a rock as if she were the queen of the biological pool. She does not always respect the bathing area and bathes in the plant area. But we are generous with our Olga because she helps us so well in the garden beds. Have a nice dip, Olga!