The photo shows a ditch in an artificial stream we made a few years ago, the task was to beautify the ditch with plants. And we did it, creating an unusual environment. The underwater plants installed on this ditch grow even in the darkness of a winery in Alto Alentejo. They grow well, produce oxygen and keep the water in this ditch clear. Each year, at the time of the harvest, that is, when the entire winery is filled with the smell of wine production starting, the water becomes cloudy. Organochemical deposits from the air cause this situation, but within a week the water becomes transparent again for the rest of the year. Photosynthesis is the foundation of life in the world. Plants do not grow without light. Above the stream of the cellar we have special lamps installed, which look strange, especially because of the weird color of the light they emit. Those lamps provide a light similar to natural light outside, in a spectrum appropriate for the growth of aquatic plants. Thus, also in this very artificial place, zooplankton breathe oxygen and clean the water.